Welcome to my on line gallery. Any of the artworks can be ordered as A4 mounted prints prices at £15 each or as greetings cards for £2 each. I have grouped works together under headings of Landscape, Figure studies and portraits, photographs etc.

Landscape Gallery My paintings in the landscape gallery are arranged under their geographical locations. They are mostly of locations in my local area but include holiday visits to other parts of the UK and abroad. 

Figure gallery My paintings in this gallery include portraits, life class studies, and performance based dance and burlesque subjects.

Miscellaneous This section includes my Abstract and Experimental works, Still Life subjects, and Community Mural Projects. I worked as a community mural artist in the years following my degree course, working with various groups of people in the Leeds and Bradford area.

Photo Gallery  I have always been a compulsive photographer and This gallery includes examples of my photograps.

Dryads  The work in this section combines my interest in the human form and tree forms. Dryads are mythological tree spirits which inhabit trees. They are able to transform themselves into the tree itself which has been my inspiration for these works.

Please click on the categories below, and then on the thumbnails to enlarge each picture.