Rob Greenwood - about me

Rob GreenwoodI was born in 1957 in Preston and now live in Almondbury near Huddersfield with my partner Gill and daughter Lizzie. I have a strong sense of affinity with places, including their historical associations and buildings.  (Click on Local History Section above right) I am fascinated by natural landscape forms specially trees and water. I have developed a love of life drawing and portraiture in which I see parallels with other natural forms and landscape features. I can no longer look at trees without noticing human forms within in their limbs and trunks! Photography is important to my work and I use the camera as a sketchbook for source material besides making images in their own right. Observations like the way that light falls on a tree or how people interact in the street are invaluable to my work. 

I studied Art and Design in Bradford graduating with a BA degree in 1981 subsequently working on community arts projects in murals and photography and in the emerging disability arts movement. By this time I had developed the progressive neurological condition, multiple sclerosis which was diagnosed in 1982 following years of mystery symptoms. Although MS has changed many aspects of life it has not impaired my artistic activity. In 2009 a combination of issues led to me taking early retirement from my job as a local government disability access officer.  My artistic activity had virtually ceased during this time and early retirement enabled a welcome return.

I am now a regular contributor to The Secret Art Show, a biannual fundraising art event held by the MS Trust. (Click on News section above right) I exhibit regularly with Huddersfield Art Society and other local shows including Bradford, Batley, and Calderdale Open Exhibitions; The Art House Wakefield, and Holmfirth Art Week. I have also held exhibitions in Marsden with fellow artists.  I run art classes in Almondbury and am concentrating on developing my work and expanding my portfolio.